Have you ever wondered why some displays draw you to the merchandise whilst others leave you unimpressed? This may not be down to the merchandise but because they haven’t been given the light they deserve. Keep reading to find out how our commercial range has been used in 3 stores to uncover the secret treasures hidden under poor lighting.

1. Thackerays Clothing Store

In the back of the store with a lack of natural light, Thackerays faced the challenge of showing the true colours of their high end clothing range. The installation of the new commercial range was the perfect solution.

Integral to this range are LUXEON LEDs with CrispWhite technology that activates fluorescing agents present in white materials to make them pop out. Under this light the whites of the shirts in Thackerays look crisp and vibrant, ensuring that they will catch the eye of customers.

2. Sheen Living

Sheen Living in South West London was like Aladdin’s Cave – packed full of an eclectic range of gifts and home decor items hidden around the store under poor lighting. The store underwent a complete transformation after replacing their existing lighting with the new Collingwood range.

The unique and colourful items simply appeared to come to life. The high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of >90 really made the deep reds, bold blues and vibrant colours pop out from the shelves.

Anita Kane, one of the owners of Sheen Living, said: “Collingwood have changed the look of our shop without customers even realising why. After the new lights were installed customers noticed furniture and other stock items that we previously had, but they had not commented on or purchased.”

3. Asha’s Inspired Living

Prior to the installation of new lighting, Barbara and Tony of Asha’s Inspired Living in Oundle were having to take customers outside to choose their paint under natural daylight, whatever the weather.

Rather than invest in an exterior canopy they turned to Collingwood to update their lighting. Lighting by Collingwood is designed to reveal and showcase merchandise in it’s true colours. Under the new technology the vibrant colours of the paint samples and products in the store are brought to life. The decorations and colours are made vibrant and exciting, drawing customers to them and making them desperate to take the items home.

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