Personal Commitment

We are highly dedicated to fulfilling all your lighting requirements.


We have years of experience to help with your latest project.


Over the years we have gained all the necessary skills to help with your lighting needs.


This is at the top of our list with all projects and we follow strict guidelines to ensure this.

Delivering leading lighting technologies

We are committed to delivering leading lighting technologies, high quality LED lighting and associated products which meet the highest possible technical standards that ensure safety, reliability and value for money. To achieve this, the company relies on the personal commitment, experience and skills of everyone in the organisation working within a management system which satisfies all of the relevant requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is a costly business! As a country our focus seems to have been on cutting heating bills, but lighting accounts for around 20% of the average home energy bill. In a traditional office building, that rises to around 44% of the annual electricity use, so it follows that using energy efficient lighting systems is going to have a positive impact on your energy bills. LP LED can advise on some of the best ways to ensure a good balance between beautiful lighting schemes and economical running costs.


The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) have recently introduced a standard so that luminaires can now be Energy Star rated. This standard is based on the International recognized standards. This means that they are high quality, strong performing, and energy efficient products.